Sv:Dutch MR2 Weekend — Thanks.

Johnny Friis

Hi Raphael.

Thanks for a wonderful meeting, You and your members, witch I’m also part of now :), are some of the most kind and pleasant people I’ve ever meet. It was a whole new experience to try a hotel with all the luxury you can think of, even with a bar dedicated to the meeting people. Also the Saturday dinner was a luxury with a lot of different dishes to choose from, if anyone went to bed with an empty stomach it was their own fault.
It was a fun, pleasant and interesting weekend and I will be on my way to Holland next year to.

So thank you very much all you people from Holland.

Og selvfølgelig stor tak til alle Danske deltagere også, super tur og super samvær, håber I alle vil med næste år.
Plus lidt flere selvfølgelig…